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2022-07-17: News Headlines

Staff (2022-07-17). Ukrainian plane carrying 'dangerous' cargo crashes in Greece. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Jul. 17 (MNA) — A cargo plane with eight people on board crashed near the city of Kavala in northern Greece late on Saturday, the fire brigade and state TV said.

Editor (2022-07-17). Heat waves tied to Big Energy capitalism. mronline.org The population of the world is enduring crises from climate change that, until recently, climatologists thought may only happen decades from now.

John M. Laforge (2022-07-17). "No One Is Paying Attention to Your Protests" zcomm.org Please Help ZNet Source: Counterpunch BàúCHEL, Germany This pointed insult was shouted without a trace of irony through a chain-link fence toward a group of nuclear weapons opponents last Tuesday by a military guard equipped with binoculars and wearing a camera strapped around his neck. The protest group was

Toby Blomé, Bay Area CODEPINK (2022-07-17). Sunday 7/24: NO WAR on WOMEN: Bike & Walk for Women's Reproductive Rights. indybay.org 11: 00am – Bike Ride from SF Ferry Bldg. to Golden Gate Bridge | Noon – Short Rally at Welcome Plaza of Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco side; Then Walk on Eastern Walkway to middle of bridge and back.

Lucia Bisceglia, Pirous Fateh-Moghadam (2022-07-16). [Correspondence] The prohibition of nuclear weapons: a public health priority. thelancet.com The ongoing conflict in Ukraine confirms how wars and armed conflicts are a serious threat to public health and environmental integrity. The crisis has made clear that nuclear war is closer than ever.

Editor (2022-07-16). Neo-Cons: Genesis to Ascendency. scheerpost.com By Michael Brenner | The latest formulation of a binary world pits the so-called democracies against the so-called autocrats. The United States is the self-designated champion of the former while China and Russia lead the array of autocrats. In effect, it's a reversion to long-running democracy/capitalism vs Communism all-embracing conflict of the Cold War. Today's version has even less authenticity than did its…

____ (2022-07-16). 14 dead in military chopper crash in Mexico. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Jul. 16 (MNA) — Fourteen people were killed when a military helicopter crashed on Friday in northwestern Mexico, the navy said.

Staff (2022-07-16). Iran urges punishing accomplices in Sardasht chemical attack. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Jul. 16 (MNA) — Iran's envoy in Geneva called for identifying and punishing the accomplices in Saddam Hussein's war crimes against Iranians carried out through chemical weapons.

Staff (2022-07-16). Iran opposes war everywhere: Amir-Abdollahian. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Jul. 16 (MNA) — Iranian foreign minister said the United States is pursuing specific political goals by claiming that Tehran plans to supply hundreds of drones with combat weapon capabilities to Russia.

Anonymous669 (2022-07-16). Russians Visited Iranian Airfield To Examine Drones At Least Twice Over Past Month. southfront.org US government satellite image allegedly showing Russians examining drones at a central Iranian airfield. The image was obtained exclusively by CNN. | A Russian delegation visited an airfield in central Iran at least twice over the past month to examine military drones, the Satellite image obtained by CNN show what US officials claims to be Russian e…

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