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2022-07-10: News Headlines

David Giesen (2022-07-10). Friday 7/15: Reviewing KPFA's Economic Update w/Richard Wolff. indybay.org ZOOM: | zoom.us/j/98494427833?pwd=NERHSWZnR2cybFlWQWswRnRQNG1LQT09

Dave DeCamp (2022-07-09). US Announces New $400 Million Weapons Package for Ukraine. news.antiwar.com The Biden administration announced Friday The new aid marks the

WSWS (2022-07-09). Tug of war on global financial markets. wsws.org It is a sign of the perversity of the capitalist economy, dominated by financial octopuses, that the prospect of recession, spelling more economic hardship for billions of workers all over the world, is regarded as "good news" by the stock markets.

Editor (2022-07-09). The Financial Bubble Era Comes Full Circle. scheerpost.com Circle Internet Financial CEO Jeremy Allaire | By Matt Taibbi / Subscribers have noticed that it's been quiet on this site for a while. This is because I spent much of the last month researching the #CryptoCrash, and the last week and a half engaged in an increasingly maddening search for a civilized and respectful way to write abo…

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