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2022-05-08: News Headlines

Anonymous669 (2022-05-07). Russian Aerospace Forces Used Stealth Cruise Missiles In Recent Attack On Odessa (Videos). southfront.org Kh-101 mounted on pylons. Photo: Russia MoD. | The Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) have used Kh-101 stealth cruise missiles in their recent strike on military airfields in Ukraine's Odessa oblast. | According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the pinpoint missiles strike, which took place on the morning of May 7, destroyed equipment and systems of the Ukrainian Air Force, including a number of drones. | Ukrainian sources shared several videos showing Kh-101 cruise missiles heading towards their targets in Odessa. At…

____ (2022-05-07). Drones for Ukraine war win Turkey 120 F-16s deal: report. antibellum679354512.wordpress.com Hurriyet Daily NewsMay 7, 2022 Key lawmakers signal allowing Turkey's purchase of F-16s: US media If Turkey "plays its cards right," it can convince the U.S. Congress to allow a roughly $6 billion purchase of 40 Block 70 F-16 fighter jets and approximately 80 modernization kits from Lockheed Martin to upgrade its existing fleet, the …

____ (2022-05-07). Open letter to German Chancellor Scholz expresses mounting opposition to threat of Third World War. wsws.org An open letter warning of the danger of a "Third World War" and rejecting the delivery of "heavy weapons" to Ukraine has received more than 200,000 signatures within a few days.

Editor (2022-05-07). Killed by capitalism: U.S. government shrugs shoulders as COVID death toll hits 1 million. mronline.org The United States has just marked a horrific milestone as the official COVID-19 death count passes one million.

Suds, Snacks, Socialism Forum Committee (2022-05-07). Saturday 5/7: World Workers Rising. indybay.org

Owen Fairclough (2022-05-07). U.S. President Joe Biden visits Ohio touting jobs growth. america.cgtn.com U.S. President Joe Biden on Friday touted strong jobs numbers as evidence of a sound U.S. economy despite increased fears that surging inflation will culminate in a recession. Employers added 428,000 jobs in April, marking 12 straight months of gains over 400,000. But there's …

Harald Neuber & Natylie Baldwin (2022-05-07). Open letter and Breaking the logic of war. indybay.org The delivery of large quantities of heavy weapons, however, could make Germany itself a party to the war. A Russian counterattack could then trigger the mutual assistance clause under the NATO treaty and thus the immediate danger of a world war. Natylie Baldwin emphasizes how Zelensky's outlawing of parties and dissenting media are dictatorial.

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