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2022-05-04: News Headlines

Karen Conner (2022-05-04). Preview: Unemployment Likely to Hit 50 Year Low. cepr.net We will likely see a further dip in the unemployment rate. A 0.2 percentage point drop would give us the lowest rate in more than 50 years.

teleSUR, yart, JGN (2022-05-04). Rusia destruye subestaciones de tracción ferroviaria en Donbas. telesurtv.net Las unidades de defensa aérea destruyeron nueve drones ucranianos, incluido el drone de ataque Bayraktar.

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2022-05-04). "Preemptive Nuclear War": The Historic Battle for Peace and Democracy. A Third World War Threatens the Future of Humanity. globalresearch.ca US nuclear doctrine consists in portraying nuclear weapons as a means of "self defense" rather than a "weapon of mass destruction". There are powerful financial interests behind Joe Biden's $1.3 trillion nuclear weapons program initiated under Obama.

Amy Goodman (2022-05-03). Russian and US Escalations Raise Risk of Direct Military Clash in Ukraine. truthout.org As President Biden seeks $33 billion more for Ukraine, we look at the dangers of U.S. military escalation with Medea Benjamin of CodePink and George Beebe of the Quincy Institute. He is the former head of Russia analysis at the CIA and a former adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney. The massive spending in Ukraine that outweighs public funding to combat the coronavirus pandemic shows that "there are very few things that the Biden administration thinks are more important right now than defeating Russia, and I don't think that accords, actually, with the priorities of the American people," says Beebe. "To support t…

The Socialist Program (2022-05-03). Ukraine: The Danger of a Wider War. liberationnews.org With hardly any debate, Congress is ready to approve sending $20 billion of weapons to Ukraine on top of $13 billion in additional financial support for the government — a point driven home by Nancy Pelosi's surprise trip to Kiev.

WSWS (2022-05-03). Sri Lanka: Opposition JVP seeks to divert mass struggle into dead-end of parliamentary politics. wsws.org The JVP is promoting a fantasy—that an election and a new bourgeois government will be able to wave away the immense crisis of global and Sri Lankan capitalism and thus solve all the social ills facing working people.

Editor (2022-05-03). Labor organizing in the U.S. in 2022: the anti-worker, anti-union corporate agenda. mronline.org Late capitalism has exposed the drastic inequalities inherent to our neoliberal economy.

Slomski A. (2022-05-03). Antidepressant Combinations Compared With Monotherapy. jamanetwork.com In a recent meta-analysis, combination antidepressant therapy was associated with superior outcomes to monotherapy for treatment of acute depression.

Kevin Mwanza (2022-05-03). Deutsche Bank: A Major Recession Is Coming To America. moguldom.com The U.S. is headed for a major recession as the Federal Reserve continues to pursue its hawkish stance on stubbornly high inflation, according to Deutsche Bank economists. In a recent report, the bank said the Fed's interest rate hike could take longer than previously expected to tame inflationary pressure that has bedeviled the U.S. and …

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-05-03). How Deadly are Turkish Bayraktar TB2 Drones in Ukrainian Hands? libya360.wordpress.com Ukrainian-operated Bayraktar TB2 Turkish drones are back in the news having taken out 2 Russian patrol boats in the Black Sea. While it is passed off as a major victory, it actually proves just how limited the Bayraktar's capabilities are in a conflict with an opponent fielding superior air defense systems. Ukrainian Bayraktar drones have…

teleSUR, yart, JGN (2022-05-03). Rusia destruye centro logístico de armas en Odesa, Ucrania. telesurtv.net Los sistemas de defensa aérea rusos derribaron también seis drones ucranianos y un misil Tochka-U.

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