2021-08-22: News Headlines

Anonymous669 (2021-08-22). Israel Struck Gaza Following Shooting Attack That Left Border Guard Critically Wounded (Videos, Photos). southfront.org An Israeli Air Force F-15 fighter jet flies during an aerial demonstration. (photo credit: AMIR COHEN — REUTERS) | Early on August 22, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) carried out a series of intense strikes on the Palestinian Gaza Strip. | In a statement on Twitter, the IDF claimed that the strikes destroyed four weapons and storage manufacturing sites of the Hamas Movement, the de-facto ruler of Gaza. | Palestinian sources confirmed that multiple strikes targeted al-Arin military site in central Gaza and Bad…

_____ (2021-08-22). Canada Violating Int'l Law By Selling Arms To Saudis. popularresistance.org Canada's ongoing arms sales to Saudi Arabia is being slammed as illegal under our UN commitments by Amnesty International and Project Ploughshares. And the international community is taking notice.

Rick Rozoff (2021-08-22). Ukraine expects more weapons, equipment from NATO. antibellum679354512.wordpress.com Zelensky on weapons for Ukraine: We know how Germany could help Pursuant to the agreements and within the framework of cooperation with NATO, the Ukrainian side expects to get sniper rifles, "many other things, apart from the navy and military boats, which we would like to receive from our partners," Zelensky said. **** "Our position …

Medea Benjamin, Nicolas J. S. Davies (2021-08-21). Will Americans who were right on Afghanistan still be ignored? nationofchange.org After spending trillions of dollars and killing millions of people, the abysmal record of U.S. war-making since World War II remains a tragic litany of failure and defeat, even on its own terms.

Tahia Islam (2021-08-21). Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) Abolition Propaganda and Zine Fair. peoplesforum.org A space where people who have created educational and organizing materials including zines, pamphlets, posters, stickers, buttons and more can share abolitionist ideas and messages and can freely give away, trade and sell some of these items.

Titlefukushima: A Lasting Tragedy (2021-08-21). Fukushima: A Lasting Tragedy. commondreams.org It's not even important that wars be won but that they be eternally prepared for by buying ever-greater numbers of ever-more complex and ever-more useless weapons systems.

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