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2022-08-03: News Headlines

Staff (2022-08-03). US approves massive weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Aug. 03 (MNA) — The US State Department approved the potential sale of Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile interceptors to the UAE and Patriot missile interceptors to Saudi Arabia in separate deals worth $5.3 billion.

Staff (2022-08-03). UK, France stockpiles of nuclear weapons should be limited. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Aug. 03 (MNA) — China believes the UK and France should be included in the process of reducing nuclear arms, the Chinese Foreign Ministry's Arms Control Department Director-General Fu Cong said on Tuesday.

WSWS (2022-08-03). Karl Marx and Capitalism — A remarkable exhibition at Berlin's German Historical Museum. wsws.org The German Historical Museum (Deutsches Historisches Museum) in central Berlin is currently hosting a remarkable exhibition on the life and work of Karl Marx.

Dave DeCamp (2022-08-02). Israel Signals No Change to Its Nuclear Arsenal Policy Amid Non-Proliferation Conference. news.antiwar.com Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid on Monday Speaking at the Israel Atomic Energy Commission in Tel Aviv, Lapid made a veiled reference to Israel's secret nuclear weapons program. He spoke of Israel's "defensive capabilities and offensive capabilities, and what the foreign media ten…

Benjamin Norton (2022-08-02). US threatens war on China over Taiwan &#1 ; with nuclear implications. multipolarista.com The US government has prepared for years for war with China over Taiwan. Nancy Pelosi's trip was only the latest provocation, including Pentagon war plans, CIA threats, tens of billions in weapons sales, and US military forces on the ground.

Anonymous765 (2022-08-02). West Deploys More Heavy Weapons In Ukraine &#1 ; Russia Counters. southfront.org |

_____ (2022-08-02). NATO-Backed Network Of Syria Dirty War Propagandists Identified. popularresistance.org On June 10th, The Guardian's Mark Townsend published an article headlined "Russia-backed network of Syria conspiracy theorists identified." ("Russia-backed" has since been removed). | The article is based on what Townsend calls a "new analysis" that "reveals" a "network more than two dozen conspiracy theorists, frequently backed by a coordinated Russian campaign." This network, Townsend claims, is "focused on the denial or distortion of facts about the Syrian regime's use of chemical weapons and on attacking the findings of the world's foremost chemical weapons watchdog," the Organization for the Prohibition of C…

Anonymous103 (2022-08-02). Military Situation In Serbia On August 2, 2022 (Map Update). southfront.org Click to see full-size map | On July 31, the international security forces in Kosovo, operating under the auspices of NATO, were pulled to the bridge over the Ibar River in the city of Kosovska Mitrovica; | Serbs from the northern part of Kosovo and Metohija held protests amid the decision of Pristina to ban Serbian license plates and documents; | On July 31, special police units of Kosovo moved from Pristina to the north of Kosovo and Metohija; | On July 31, firing of automatic weapons was report…

Jeremy Kuzmarov (2022-08-02). Former Bolivian President Evo Morales calls for a Global campaign to eliminate NATO. mronline.org In interview with British journalist, Morales says the U.S. uses NATO to provoke wars and sell weapons. U.S./UK-backed coup against him in 2019 was undertaken for lithium and because his government advanced an alternative economic model to the neoliberal "Washington Consensus"

Editor (2022-08-02). The class dynamics of the Fed's recession program. mronline.org On Thursday, the Commerce Department reported that the U.S. economy shrank for the second quarter in a row, bringing it into a "technical recession."

Deweylaura (2022-08-02). Imperialism and socialism will not mix. cpusa.org The popularity of socialism has skyrocketed since Bernie Sanders' historic campaigns for president gave voice to the outrage, desolation, and pain caused by the dramatic and unrelieved rise in U.S. inequality over the past half century. This trend now spans three generations. It has been accompanied, with few exceptions, by rising political dysfunction, volatility, …

Julia Conley (2022-08-02). Yemen Truce Extension Applauded Amid Demands That US End Support for Saudi-Led War. commondreams.org "Not only was United States involvement in this brutal war unauthorized to begin with, but it is a crucial point of leverage to ensure that the Saudis and their allies remain at the negotiating table these next two months," said one advocate.

Staff (2022-08-02). EE.UU. mata al líder de Al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, en un ataque con drones en Afganistán. cubadebate.cu Estados Unidos anunció que mató al líder de Al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, en un ataque con drones que se produjo en la zona céntrica de la ciudad de Kabul, la capital de Afganistán. Según se informa, Estados Unidos disparó dos misiles Hellfire contra al-Zawahiri cuando se encontraba en un balcón de la residencia donde se refugiaba…

____ (2022-08-01). Socialism and Ecological Survival: An Introduction. transcend.org 1 Jul 2022 – Capitalism has brought the world to the edge of the abyss. We are approaching a climate Armageddon making the earth unlivable for the human and other species. Such a catastrophe is still avoidable with a revolutionary-scale reconstitution of the systems of production, consumption, and energy usage, though the time is rapidly running out.

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