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2022-06-09: News Headlines

WSWS (2022-06-09). President of PEN Germany resigns after demanding more weapons for Ukraine. wsws.org This comparison of Hitler's war of extermination against the Soviet Union—in which almost 30 million Soviet citizens, including countless victims from Ukraine as well as millions of Jews, were murdered— with the Putin regime's war against Ukraine amounts to a brazen trivialisation of Nazi crimes.

Workers World Party (2022-06-09). PDF of June 9 issue. workers.org Download the PDF. Profit-hungry company lures youth to guns editorial: LGBTQ+ for socialism: 'We want to live!' PRIDE: Class roots of anti‚Äëtrans laws Events challenge police, corporate control, transphobia Labor fights back: Lockout by war profiteers Seattle museum union Boston baristas strike Tear down the walls: Palestine Freedom Tunnel Stop . . . |

WSWS (2022-06-09). World Bank warns of soaring prices and global recession. wsws.org It has significantly reduced its forecast for global growth from 5.7 percent in 2021 to just 2.9 percent this year, a cut of nearly one-third in its forecast of 4.1 percent issued in January this year…

____ (2022-06-09). At least 1 dead as car plows into crowd in Berlin. ecns.cn A car crashed into a crowd in Berlin's Charlottenburg locality on Wednesday morning, killing one person and leaving at least 12 injured.

____ (2022-06-09). 1 killed in car ramming in Berlin. ecns.cn A car crashed into a crowd in Berlin's Charlottenburg locality on Wednesday morning, killing one person and leaving at least a dozen injured, local police said.

Staff (2022-06-09). The Eight Stupidest Things About Nuclear Weapons. davidswanson.org 1. Nukes are the "tough on crime" of foreign policy Investing in children's welfare and education costs less and reduces more crime than "tough on crime" policies which are often counterproductive, but voters in San Francisco just obeyed a bunch of corporate advertising and recalled a District Attorney because he had reduced crime rather than …

Ted Snider (2022-06-08). Longer-Range Missiles Could Also Mean Longer-Range Suffering for Ukrainians. commondreams.org The White House may say it wants diplomacy but its actions—sending more advanced weapons— could have the opposite effect.

Kungu Al-Mahadi Adam (2022-06-08). Geneva: Amongi calls for speedy resolution of Russia-Ukraine war. plusnews.ug The Minister of Gender, labour and Social Development, Amongi Betty Ongom, has called for a speedy and peaceful resolution of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine which she says has worsened the global unemployment problem. Amongi was on Wednesday addressing the 110th International Labour Conference (ILC) in Geneva, Switzerland. The ILC, sometimes known as the …

Brett Wilkins (2022-06-08). WATCH: AOC Rips Lax Gun Laws, NRA 'Blood Money' During House Hearing. commondreams.org "For all the billions and trillions that this body authorizes in the name of national security, we can't even keep our kids safe from their schools being turned into a war zone."

Minnie Bruce Pratt (2022-06-08). LGBTQ+ for socialism: 'We want to live!'. workers.org We are still grieving for the 10 people of Buffalo, New York's Black community killed there May 14. We are still grieving for the 21 people — children and teachers — killed in Uvalde, Texas, May 24. And for so many others killed by hatred and bigotry in the . . . |

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