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2021-09-04: News Headlines

George Capaccio (2021-09-03). Afghanistan: Farewell to Arms, Predator Drones, Night Raids…? counterpunch.org It is right that the Western troops are finally leaving our country — they should have done so much earlier. We cannot have a serious peace process as long as the Americans are in Afghanistan. We must build our country with our [own] hands. …The Americans replaced the barbaric regime of the Taliban with brutal warlords,

DLI (2021-09-03). Biden's "defiant" speech covered up Imperialist lies & shows the Empire's Cluelessness. indybay.org In his latest speech to the nation, White House Occupier Joe Biden defiantly defended the $6+ Trillion US Imperial mission in Afghanistan as "accomplished"! Without a single mention of the hundreds of Billions of bloodied war profits made by US arms peddlers like Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin et al, Joe Biden also lied about defeating al Qaeda. His convenient memory loss evidently couldn't recall that it was billions of US aid to Usama binLaden in the 1980s that spawned the al Qaeda network, and US Special Forces assassins didn't apprehend UBL for a trial back in 2010, but instead shot dead an invalid ex-CIA…