2020-11-07: News Headlines

_____ (2020-11-07). Media Silence Marks Ongoing OPCW Cover-Up Of Syria Chemical Weapons Scandal. popularresistance.org This should be a global scandal," said journalist Aaron Maté on the suppression of evidence from experts from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in order to push for war in Syria. "This is the U.S. government bombing Syria based on allegations that were later found by the investigating team to be false. But then once that team came back to write their report they were pressured by the U.S. government and had their evidence censored." | Unfortunately, it has not become a global scandal.

The Canary (2020-11-07). Gun carrying protesters continue to gather outside US vote counting centres. thecanary.co Armed protesters continue to gather outside offices where workers are counting votes that will decide who wins the US presidential election.The protesters with weapons including shotguns, handguns and military-style semiautomatic rifles, are a small minority of the demonstrators. There have been no reports of anyone getting shot, and the laws in Arizona, Nevada and Michigan — where guns have been seen outside vote-tabulation centres in recent days — allow people to openly carry firearms in public.But in a nation increasingly inured to weapons at rallies — most often carried by right-wing demonstrat…

The Canary (2020-11-07). Two armed men arrested near Philadelphia voting centre. thecanary.co Two men armed with handguns have been arrested near the Philadelphia convention centre where an ongoing vote count could decide the presidential election.Tip off: The men, aged 42 and 61, travelled to the city from the Virginia Beach area in a Hummer and did not have permits to carry the weapons in Pennsylvania, police said. They were arrested after the FBI in Virginia relayed a tip about their plans to Philadelphia police.Officers stopped the men on the street about a block away from the vehicle, Philadelphia police commissioner Danielle Outlaw said.The Hummer vehicle was parked near the Pennsylvania Conv…

Ralph Nader — Bruce Fein (2020-11-05). How Trump, Hannity and Limbaugh Violated Election Law. counterpunch.org Conservative media celebrities Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh have flagrantly violated the federal election law prohibition of donating anything of value exceeding $2,800 to a presidential candidate. The ongoing strategic collaboration between Trump, Hannity and Limbaugh is obvious and has been widely documented in newspapers and books. Both Hannity and Limbaugh have collaborated with President

Kathryn Shihadah (2020-11-05). The Military-Industrial Complex, Israeli-Style. New Docuseries Touts Virtues of "Iron Dome" mintpressnews.com A new documentary series produced in Israel tells the story of the Iron Dome missile system, but as Kathryn Shihadah reports, it leaves out crucial details about how the weapon is used and who funded it.

news.un (2020-11-05). Syria: No justification for chemical weapon use 'under any circumstances' — UN disarmament chief. news.un.org The top UN disarmament official on Thursday briefed the Security Council on progress made by Syria towards eliminating its chemicals weapons programme, complicated by the coronavirus pandemic.